OICT 10 years of activity

After a start-up period, the Turin Real Estate Market Observatory (OICT) has been active since 2000.

The primary objective of the OICT was to monitor property values in the 40 Microzones in the municipality of Turin; these Microzones – identified in accordance with DPR 138/98 – represent a geographical real estate segmentation based on the urban planning regulation. During these first ten years the OICT has continued to systematically implement the databases; it also developed a robust method to survey and analyse the residential real estate market. The OICT Information System has gone from strength to strength and gradually expanded; it now has structured databases organised according to historical series depending on the property segment which may either be used, new and/or fully restructured.

The SIT (Territorial Information System) is based on available cartography and long-standing scientific expertise. The creation and development of a “quality process” was crucial in order to streamline activities (survey, analysis, communication, etc.); the automation of several operational stages as part of the “quality process” greatly improved the robustness and reliability of the results.

Starting in 2001, specific in-depth studies and projects to tackle certain real estate market problems were added to the systemic monitoring process.

Furthermore, this website was created as a direct access point to disseminate the results of activities and studies involving the urban real estate sector as well as provide more data and transparency about market dynamics.

Since 2006, following the signature of a Agreement Protocol, the Turin Real Estate Market Observatory is now supported by the Tributary and Cadastral Services Division of the Services and Cadastral Enquiry Sector of the Turin Municipality, and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin; the maintrade or business associations (Real Estate Agencies and builders) also collaborate with the OICT.

In 2007-2008 the OICT Enlargement Project was launched thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and the signatory parties to the 2006 Agreement Protocol; the aim of the project is to extend the OICT Territorial Information System to neighbouring municipalities in order to provide increasingly transparent information not only about the real estate market in the city of Turin but also several neighbouring municipalities.