The OICT Geoportal - Integrated management system of georeferenced databases allowing, even geographically, clear and rapid consultation of data and elaborations by the Observatory relating to purchase/sales value of the property of the Enlargement Project of the OICT.

It is possible to access two services:

1. “Cartography-WebGis” (For all users).

It is possible to visualise listing and transaction prices for the residential sector, expressed in €/sq.m, related to the 40 Microzones of the city of Turin, calculated using data collected with the collaboration of the Real Estate Agencies, partners of the “Geoportal” project. To visualise the prices  related to the interested area, it is possible to search for the correct Microzone by entering the exact address. It is also possible to visualise thematic maps representing the mean values in the urban area.


Click here to consult property values (Cartografia-WebGis)


2. “Data/Building Management” (For registered users – Real Estate Agencies).

It is possible to fill in the "Data Acquisition Sheets" using a semi-automatic process in order to implement the database of the purchased and sold housing units based on direct collaboration with local Real Estate Agencies working in this area.


Click here to insert a housing unit


Click here to organise your housing unit sheets