Microzones definition

The Politecnico di Torino, Department of House and City (since January 2012 Department of Architecture and Design), established 40 cadastral Microzones in the city of Turin. The Microzones were approved by the Municipal Council in June 1999 in accordance with DPR 138/98 and the Regulation issued by the Ministry of Finance. According to the Regulation, a Microzone is normally an area of the municipal territory which – identified in the land registry by one or more map sheets – must be uniform with regard to town planning and at the same time also be a segment of the real estate market. Furthermore, the Regulation also states that in order to be defined as a Microzone the difference between minimum and maximum prices in each Microzone must not be more than double or, in some cases, triple: for example, neighbouring parts of the city with homogeneous town planning characteristics can be considered Microzones only if the difference between their mean prices does not exceed 20% and, possibly (with justification), 30%.