As a public service, the primary objective of the OICT is to use its multiple projects to meet the needs of private citizens and public decision-makers. To this end, the OICT monitors property values and the dynamics of the real estate market in order to:

  • Provide information and analyses of the real estate market in Turin;
  • Support the decision making of public and private bodies.





  • provides the market value of property in specific territorial districts (Microzones);
  • makes the urban property market more transparent;
  • facilitates consumer choice based on comparisons between properties.
  • inputs into choices regarding territorial planning and programming and the management and enhancement of local heritage;
  • constantly monitors the values and dynamics of municipal Microzones according to legislation in force (DPR 138/98);
  • supports the economic assessment of private and public projects in order to tackle project feasibility and management.
  • provides information about market dynamics and the value system of the urban market;
  • supports investment choices by verifying economic convenience and market risk analysis;
  • helps to establish price and characteristics of the property and demand segments by forecasting trends and buyer’s preferences;
  • supports the economic assessments of private projects.
  • tackles methodological and operational problems associated with forecasting value and market dynamics or estimates of assets and real estate;
  • tests methodologies and statistical-dynamical models;
  • provides information about demand trends;
  • explores new forecasting, estimate, property, and urban marketing tools.